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Datavideo ITC-100: Intercom Kit

MSRP: 1100.00

Your Price $1100.00

Datavideo ITC-100: Intercom Kit image
Datavideo ITC-100: Intercom Kit
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Camcor Item No.622900002
Mfg. Part No.ITC-100

Today's Date: August 3, 2021

Datavideo ITC-100: Intercom System
8-User Remote and Base Station

One of the innovative features of the rack-mountable ITC-100 intercom from Datavideo is that it can use headsets ranging from low-cost cell phone headsets to high-quality professional units.

Up to 8 users are connected to the ITC-100 via PTT wired beltpacks. Cables for connecting the beltpacks may be up to 300 meters long, and use 5-Pin XLR connectors. The base station features all call and mute buttons, a mic input, built-in speaker, and standard headphone jacks.

Item Includes:

2 x Gooseneck Microphones
DJ Lamp
Power Adapter
4 x Wired Beltpacks
4 x 20m Cables with 5-Pin XLR Connectors
4 x Headsets
4 x Tally Lights
1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Rack Mountable
  • Supports Up to 8 Wired Users
  • Uses Your Choice of Headsets, from Low-Cost Cell Phone Sets to High-Quality Professional Units.
  • Use Cables Up to 300 Meters to Connect Beltpacks
  • Specifications


    Width 19 inches (483mm)
    Height 1.5 inches (38mm)
    Depth 5 inches (127mm)
    Net Weight 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
    Misc. Pin 1 = Red Tally
    Pin 2 = Audio
    Pin 3 = Ground
    Pin 4 = Power for belt pack (12V)
    Pin 5 = Yellow Tally
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    Fax 336-222-8011
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