Virtual interactive dissection software lets you learn anatomy at a click of the mouse!

ScienceWorks' virtual dissection programs are developed by a team of educators to help students learn the intricacies of anatomy. Designed by and for teachers, these outstanding interactive virtual dissection software programs are geared for grades seven and up. Available in six different interactive dissection packages, teachers can purchase specific dissection software on the frog, fetal pig, earthworm, crayfish, perch or cat. These virtual dissection programs provide students with state-of-the-art interactive dissection tools including a scalpel, magnifying glass and scissors. All interactive dissection software features QuickTime© virtual movies, schematics, interactive tests, call-out labels and an in-depth glossary of terms.

ScienceWorks dissection software and Virtual dissection programs.

Dissection software gives students access to a virtual dissection lab, without the fuss or smell of the real thing. Developed by ScienceWorks, Inc., these virtual tools provide detailed schematics of the major body systems, accurate interactive information on organ functions and structure and review questions.

ScienceWorks dissection software allows students unprecedented intuitive interactive dissection tools.

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ScienceWorks software programs have been endorsed as excellent teaching tools by experts on both sides of the animal rights controversy. The interactive tools allow students to examine structures and techniques before they perform a real lab experiment. Teachers can use these interactive tools as a post-lab activity, as well as a software evaluation tool.

Virtual tools empower educators and students alike

These exciting programs were created by teachers as a unique learning resource for the 21st century classroom. CatWorks, designed for the more advanced students offers the user an opportunity to perform highly accurate analysis of the common house cat. Through the use of special cursors and buttons, the student is actually able to investigate nearly all of the cat's anatomy. Your students are able to examine animals right on the computer screen and, if an error is made, simply redo it from any part of the software program.

A program for every science subject

  • The Beginner Slide Series introduces the microscope and 45 common items to view with it. There are 8 sections in all featuring the interactivity you'd expect in quality educational new media products.

  • The Biology Slide package introduces the microscope and over 50 slides most often seen in the beginning survey biology course usually taught in grades 9 or 10. This highly interactive software is also appropriate for life science courses taught in middle schools.

  • The Rocks and Minerals package features 6 modules to test for the identity of 11 mystery minerals. The lab encourages students to test for acid reaction, streak, magnetic, specific gravity, fracture and more.

  • The SkyWorks package gives a multi disciplinary approach to learning about the clouds and weather. Captain Cloud gives students an in-depth history of clouds while emphasizing the role that the sky, weather and associated topics play in our everyday lives.

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