Audio Headphones for classroom and personal use

Come to Camcor for all your audio headphones needs. We offer name brand quality and leading headphone technology to meet your requirements.

Audio Headphones gives teachers a powerful tool to easily manage classroom instruction. You can select headphones to use in groups with listening centers. Or for personal use, high quality headphones with excellent dynamic ranges for the highest quality stereo sound.

Explore our Audio Headphone models.

Ideal for language learning, literacy groups, ELL/ ELD applications and library uses, headphones can expand the number of listening students to full class inclusion. And with the system frequency which is able to operate simultaneously in the same room without any interference, different groups can enjoy wireless learning. They are available with noise canceling dynamic or electric microphones.

Enjoy music at home or when out and about: wide dynamics, excellent stereo sound and warm bass for fusion, soul, funk and percussion.

Some headphones feautre the soft leatherette style - washable, replaceable ear cushions, new easier-to-wear lighter design with swivel ear-cups and soft coil, all contribute to longer fatigue-free use. Use in groups with a listening center jackbox.

Ear Bud headphones fit snugly, yet comfortably inside the ear, the in-the-ear-design allows you to enjoy music while you exercise, skate, or even dance!

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