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Benq InstashowA wireless presentation system designed for the classroom
Learn the best way to use a wireless presentation system and document camera together to boost classroom learning.

WASP MobileAssetInnovation in Classroom Tech Auditing
WASP MobileAsset.EDU has revolutionized your campus educational tech audit process. Learn how to streamline tracking and managing your investments.

At Camcor, we know that making any investment means a great deal of thought and research. Our resources will guide you to make intelligent, well-informed purchase decisions. Browse our comprehensive guides to find the information that will empower you to make better classroom purchases.


Product GuidesReview one of our descriptive product overviews or comparison pieces that enable you to select the right technology to fultill your educational needs.

6 Things to Know About Document Cameras
6 Things to Know About Document Cameras
Choose the right document camera for your classroom.

Digital CameraChoosing a Digital Camera
How cameras can enhance lessons and learning.

Classroom ProjectorsChoosing the Right Projector
Consider your classroom digital projector needs.

Office Ergonomics
Office Ergonomics
Improve your comfort and maximize office productivity.

Choosing a Digital CamcorderChoosing a Digital Camcorder
Key factors to consider when purchasing a digital camcorder.

WASP TechnologyWASP
Learn how to save time by tracking and managing your school's technology inventory.


Value GuidesReview one of our in-depth integration guides that discuss how to incorporate and use different educational technoloty into your classrooms

Benq Instashow A wireless presentation system designed for the classroom
Wireless presentation system and document camera

Document CamerasDocument Cameras for Every Classroom & Budget
Learn how these tools improve teaching and learning.

1:1 classroomGet Connected with the 1:1 Classroom
The benefits & challenges of interactive learning.

Camera LensesA Lens for Every Shot
Learn which DSLR camera lenses work best for you.

The Interactive ClassroomThe Interactive Classroom of the Future is Here Today
Learn how to make your classroom more interactive.

Classroom HeadphonesClassroom Headphones
What Headphones can do for your classroom and your students.


VideosBrowse our selection of informative videos that feature various tech education products and how they're used in the classroom.

Makerbot VideoMakerBot 3D Printers revolutionize K-12 learning
Watch how eighth-grade students learn to design and print their own lego-style pieces.

Chromebook Chromebook: The (Always) New Computer
The different uses and benefits of the Google Chromebook.

PunchAlert Punch Alert
Learn how Punch Alert can be used for your school or campus.

3D Printing 3D Printing Video
Answers to common questions teachers have about 3D printing.

Charge & Sync Carts Outfit Your Classroom: Charge & Sync Video
Learn about the different types and benefits of charge and sync carts

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