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Punch Alert Mobile Security

Punch Alert is an all-in-one mobile security and emergency communication platform that allows schools to proactively manage and resolve emergencies. Use for weather warnings, health emergencies, safety alerts, and announcements.

How It Works:

Download the Punch Alert mobile application to your smartphones. School faculty, staff, and students with access can report emergencies, and internal responders act as gatekeepers and determine how to proceed.

Free Punch Alert Demo

Punch Alert is the only way to report, manage and communicate en mass in one mobile-centric platform.

emergency alarmReport an Emergency

Punch Alert's mobile app turns any iOS or Android device into a mobile panic alarm. Employees and visitors are able to use their phones to report emergencies or suspicious situations to preselected emergency responders.

Share InformationCollect & Share Information

Any user can submit information to emergency responders in the form of text notes, images, video or audio recordings. Punch Alert allows responders to easily and efficiently crowd source this information, and even redistribute warnings and announcements to everyone on campus as one mass notification.

ResolutionManagement & Resolution

Instantly after an emergency is reported, responders receive an email, text message, and automated phone call with the name and location of the person who reported the emergency. Responders can screen emergencies as they come in, release them to specific users, distribute emergency plans, share content and updates, as well as resolve the emergency— all from their mobile device.

Accurate Location Tracking During EmergenciesPunch alert phone app

All campuses using Punch Alert are geofenced to ensure that only those on-site are tracked in the event of an emergency. Punch leverages GPS, Cell, and
Wifi to triangulate location within the geofence of the campus. Punch also offers and installs state of the art iBeacons which allow you to accurately determine the
indoor location of individuals during an emergency.


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