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Quality binoculars are a must have for sports fans, hunters, travelers, and bird watchers.  Binoculars allow you to magnify objects that are far away.  While many factors such as prism type (porro prism or roof prism) and optical coating impact the quality of binocular, magnification and objective lens diameter are the core of most buying decisions. 

Commonly listed as two numbers such as 8x25 or 7x50; these numbers represent the power and objective lens diameter.  The first number describes the power of the binocular.  For example, an 8x25 binocular will allow the user to see an object as if it was 8 times closer.  While power is good, be aware that if too powerful it can be difficult to hold a steady image as each tiny bit of movement is increasingly applified.  You will also experience a decrease in brightness with a higher powered binocular. The second number represents the objective lens diameter.  The larger the diameter, the more light will be let into the binocular.  This allows better visablity in lower light situations.  As the diameter increases, the weight of the binoculars tends to increase. As always, there are trade offs when selecting the right binocular specifications.  For help in choosing the best bincolars for your application, call the friendly Camcor staff at 800-868-2462.


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