About Mack Worldwide Warranty Program

The Mack Worldwide Warranty program encompasses coverage for a complete array of electronics ranging from cameras, to audio and video equipment, to computers, mobile electronics, gaming equipment, and more.

Being a leading repair facility for over 60 years has enabled us to service a wide range of equipment. Our repair facility is factory authorized for manufacturer warranty repairs, and our technicians are factory trained to repair your equipment to manufacturer specifications

To meet a variety of needs, the program offers two levels: Standard Coverage, for manufacturer defects resulting in loss of operation; and Diamond Service, which adds an enhanced list of benefits including accidental damage from handling (ADH), as well as damage from liquid, impact, wear and tear, and lemon protection, among other benefits. On-site service, local and international service, and replacement plans are also available.

Mack is the only warranty company in the industry that has a full in-house staff of technicians trained by the manufacturers to repair anything and everything in its product line. No claim is considered complete until the highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

Standard Coverage

This coverage level provides coverage for equipment for manufacturer defects that can result in the loss of operation. The Mack Worldwide Warranty will cover parts and labor at no additional charge.

Diamond Coverage

Diamond warranties include standard coverage as well coverage for malfunctions due to accidental damage from handling (ADH). This includes malfunctions due to liquid damage that were the result of an accident. All types of accidental damage, including liquid damage, will be covered at the discretion of Mack Worldwide Warranty.


On-Site Coverage

Products that qualify for on-site service as an additional benefit will allow a customer to have their equipment serviced at their location. On-site service may not be possible if the equipment must be removed from their location to complete the repair or if coverage is not available in their area. Televisions having a size of 32" and smaller do not qualify for the option of purchasing on-site service.

Lemon Protection

Every Mack Worldwide Warranty includes lemon protection for new products purchased. This additional benefit provides a customer with a replacement or reimbursement if a product requires three (3) repairs for the same malfunction and the product requires a fourth (4th) repair for the same malfunction.

Consumer Protection

Mack Worldwide Warranty was established in 1938, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be protected if it needs service. Our Extended Warranty is designed to give the customer the best total protection for their equipment for the life of the Extended Warranty. You will be protected from expensive repair bills and treated with the highest level of customer service.

Worldwide Service

Mack Worldwide Warranty continues to grow each day, and so does our customer base. International service is available whether you are living abroad or simply visiting. Mack Worldwide Warranty affords an international customer the ability to utilize any manufacturer authorized service center to repair their unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Worldwide Warranty?

The Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty is an extension of the Manufacturer's Warranty and provides additional coverage for future product failure resulting from manufacturer defects. The advantage of purchasing a Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty is that parts and labor are covered for the life of the contract.

What if I don't need Worldwide Coverage?

All of Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty provide worldwide coverage at no additional cost to you. This worldwide coverage is a value-adding service for Mack Clients who may be transferred overseas or will be on extended holiday.

How do I register my Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty?

As an accommodation Camcor, Inc. is registering the Mack extended service agreement for you. Therefore, NO ACTION on your part is required.

We prefer to register because it gives us the ability to assist and facilitate in the entire process to give you the best customer service possible; to confirm your warranty at a later date by your purchase order number, Camcor customer account number, Camcor order number, Camcor invoice number, Mack Warranty number, and most important by the serial number of your product.

You do have the option to register your extended service agreement directly with Mack Warranty using their website - www.mackcam.com or by direct mail to Mack Worldwide Warranty, 200 Morris Ave., Springfield, NJ 07081.

Camcor prefers to register to insure that you receive the best of care and service.

When does the Extended Coverage start?

Your Extended Coverage begins the day after your manufacturer warranty ends, ensuring you seamless extended coverage.

What happens if the product cannot be repaired or the repair exceeds the unit's value?

If the unit cannot be repaired by Mack or the Manufacturer for manufacturer defects, or the cost to repair the units exceeds the units value; a replacement will be made with the same or an equivalent model based on its' current market value at our discretion. A settlement offer may also be made based on the unit's current market value at our discretion.

If a replacement or refund is made there will no longer be coverage under the contract and all obligations are satisfied.

Please note, the Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty is not an insurance policy and we are not responsible for replacing lost or stolen equipment.

What is not covered under the Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty?

The warranty does not cover products which have been misused, tampered with, modified or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, grit, impact, lack of proper care as indicated in the manual of operation by the manufacturer.

Accessories are not covered unless otherwise specified in the Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty. Accessories include, but are not limited to, external flashes, data backs (which are not built into the equipment), batteries, loss of film (or tapes), lens caps, rear caps, filters, ac adapters or other external cords, media, and software.

Is the Warranty transferable?

Yes!!! The best way to add value to any piece of equipment is to be able to offer the new owner extended coverage. Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty may be transferred to a new owner for $20.00 transfer fee.

Is a Mack Extended Service Contract available for equipment when the manufacturer does not provide a manufacturer's warranty?

No, Mack Extended Service Agreements are not available for equipment sold without a manufacturer's warranty.

Is a Mack Extended Service Contract available for equipment sold "as is"?

No, Mack Extended Service Agreements are not available for equipment sold "as is".

Are used TVs or demo products covered?

The Mack Worldwide Extended Warranty does not cover used, demo, or open box equipment which includes but is not limited to audio equipment, televisions, or computers. Mack only will cover digital cameras and lenses under our used service contracts which must be purchased from our authorized dealers.

What do I do should I need the service of my extended service agreement?

Step One: Contact Camcor, Inc. Service Department.

800-868-2462 ext. 255
Fax: 800-298-1181
PO Box 1899, Burlington, NC 27216

When contacting Camcor's Service Department please have some of the below information handy for the customer service representative.

Step Two: The Camcor customer service representative will validate the extended service agreement and facilitate in providing the service that you need.

Privacy Policy

In order to activate your extended warranty, first certain information is required to complete the registration process. During the registration process certain information (such as name and email address) must be used for registration purposes.

As an accommodation Camcor, Inc. is registering the Mack extended service agreement for you. Therefore, NO ACTION on your part is required. Camcor during the registering process will be giving certain information to Mack Worldwide Warrant.

The information you provide or is provided during the process of purchasing the Mack Extended Service Agreement IS NOT SHARED with any outside vendors or sold to third parties for solicitation.



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