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Collaborate & Create with SMART kapp™ Capture Boards

Replace outdated white boards with the latest in educational technology, the SMART kapp™ capture board. Invest in easy to use interactive boards that enable teachers to connect with students.

How it Works:

The ability to capture, save and share student work fulfills the need for effortless teacher to student collaboration.

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SMART kapp™ in Your Classroom

SMART kapp™ isn't just an upgrade, it's an evolution. Integrating an interactive board, such as SMART kapp™ Capture, resolves communication gaps in the classroom, and helps inspire and refine student ideas.

Install, Use, & Clean Quickly
  • Start using SMART kapp™ right away – just plug it in and start engaging.
  • Don't stress about setup. SMART kapp™ boards are easy to install, and shouldn't require IT assistance.
  • The stain-free surface makes it easy to clean off dry erase pen ink, unlike traditional white boards.

SMART Kapp in you Classroom Integrate with File Sharing & Storage
  • Download the Smart kapp™ App to share Evernote™, Google Drive™, and Dropbox™ files.
  • Never forget an idea. Take digital snapshots of capture board notes, and save to file sharing/storage.
  • Keep content secure with a pin number to protect student work.

Start Engaging Students
  • Make content accessible to students everywhere, using mobile devices, laptops and tablets to share and store.
  • Ensure every student will have access to work, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Review with classrooms of all sizes, and invite up to 250 participants.

Camcor's educational technology experts can provide you with guidance with product selection, classroom integration, and installation.
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