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The 1:1 Classroom is an Exciting New Frontier for Successful Project-Based Learning

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Introduction to the 1:1 Classroom

What is the 1:1 Classroom? The 1:1 Classroom is modeled after the idea that every student should have access to endless information with his or her own notebook, laptop, or tablet. Having access to technology allows students to prepare for their future, where technology is ubiquitous and knowledge of it is expected.

Consider the following milestones toward achieving a 1:1 Classroom:

  • Understand the risks vs. rewards.
  • Gather all the information on 1:1 learning so you can choose the right technology.
  • Standardize your technology to keep overall consistency.
  • Figure out how to manage all the devices you'll use in your connected classroom.
  • Consider starting simple and then moving up to more elaborate 1:1 Classroom solutions when confidence is high.

Benefits of the 1:1 Classroom

Students might benefit from an enriched learning experience, easy collaboration, and access to unlimited knowledge and ideas. The benefits of the 1:1 Classroom could outweigh the cost; these benefits include:

  • Students' experience is strengthened by unlimited information within reach.
  • Teachers save time and resources by taking all notes, tests, and sending grades electronically.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Students and teachers can both get more done in less time.
  • Teachers can reach every student to answer questions, offer guidance, and teach new lessons.
  • Students will have access to limitless resources to learn, grow, and succeed, whether at home or in school.

Limitations of the 1:1 Classroom

While the 1:1 Classroom is an exciting and innovative education solution, it also has limitations, especially when considering a from-the-ground-up program implementation. Consider these possible limitations when considering a 1:1 Classroom implementation:

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  • Technology and infrastructure updates are costly.
  • Creating specific lesson plans are time-consuming.
  • Managing device updates, coordinating repairs and/or updates, and managing overall care of tablets or laptops.
  • Students might be distracted by technology and connectivity.
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What Strategy & Tools are
Needed for the 1:1 Classroom?

Successful strategy includes implementation of the right software coupled with the appropriate portable learning device.

Whether laptops, notebooks, or tablets, the right choice is crucial to create a positive learning environment for any classroom:

  • An appropriate and powerful tablet, notebook, or laptop and financing to cover the costs.
  • A powerful and efficient infrastructure to be successful. Make sure network connectivity wireless Internet are readily available and reliable.
  • Content befitting the specific lesson and easy access to that content.
  • Uniformity in curricula or lesson plan, timeline expectations, and organizational direction with requirement of treatment of equipment.
  • The correct software to keep organized, manage student work, communicate and collaborate
    while being creative.
  • Management of expectations with students. When are lessons due? What are the rules when using a laptop or tablet?
  • Ideas or plans on how to manage a fleet of devices. How will the laptops be charged, updated, or repaired if necessary?
  • Have educational goals and expectations in mind for students.
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How to Manage the 1:1 Classroom

The management of a 1:1 classroom depends on the direction of the educational material and the maintenance skills of the teacher and administrators. Organization of content, technology, and specific student work is paramount. Consider the following steps:

  • Make sure every lesson and learning space is conducive to the overall goal of the lesson.
  • Encourage students to feel comfortable working in a group, independently or one-on-one with teachers.
  • Set up your classroom so it is completely accessible and easily visible to track students' work.

Next Steps

The 1:1 Classroom helps equalize the different rates at which students learn and allow teachers to help more than one student at a time. Although it might be difficult to implement at first, the 1:1 Classroom model could allow teachers to push the boundaries of education, to reach more students and help train them for their futures, and to be more effective educators.

The future of education isn't far—the future of education is here with the 1:1 Classroom.

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