Outfit Your Classroom – Charge & Sync Carts

Charging carts allow teachers to securely charge, sync and protect all of their classroom devices. Watch Grant Hamilton from Camcor Inc explain how custom carts can be used as effective tools in technology-centered classrooms.

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Transcript: Outfit Your Classroom – Charge & Sync Carts

Outfit Your Classroom: Hey! How's it going? I'm Grant from Camcor and today we're going to show you a few of the mobile, charging and syncing carts that we have in our line. To start, we will show you that there are many different types of carts. There are tall, freestanding carts that only charge and sync. Anthro makes these smart charging carts for iPads, Android devices, netbooks, notebooks, and Chromebooks. This is a 40 charging cart station and it allows you to customize and move these brackets in any way you need if you have bigger or smaller devices. It also has locking capabilities so you can turn this key and lock it so it's secure for all of your devices. It's easy to maneuver and very lightweight. It also has extra ports on the back for routed power and your standard power switch. So that's the Anthro smart cart.

Next, we have Ducane's MCC 2 Cart and this one is a 32 charging and syncing cart. It also comes with two trays. This allows you to add some extra storage, but it charges and syncs as well. A special feature on this one is that it has charging indicator lights so you know when your charge is complete and you know how much charge is left on it. These are extra power ports and USB ports for your syncing. If you ever want to add a wireless access point, there's a storage compartment for that so you can add Internet right here. And you also have a drop cord that's also easy to move and maneuver.

Next, we have Custom Education Furniture's Easy Sync and Charge Cart. They come in several different models, colors, shapes and sizes so you can customize them based on your existing furniture to mix and match to make sure that they work in your school district. This one is a cherry laminate and it is also a top-loading style charging and syncing cart. It comes with two drawers, both outfitted for 15 devices. You can take the panels out if you need to expand or contract for smaller or bigger devices. It is also very easy to maneuver and has a locking capability as well to secure your devices. Another special feature about Custom Education Furniture is that they're all locally built and assembled in North Carolina. So shipping times are rather quick because they deliver them to you directly and they customize them after you order.

This one is another frontloading design cart. It has 30 charging and syncing slots and it is a grey nebula-style cart. This is also very easy to move. They offer them in short styles, long styles or front-loading or top-loading. They have it with charging, syncing, or both. The Anthro cart has smart charging capabilities. So, it will stop charging a unit once it knows the battery is full. These are just four of our many options for charging and syncing carts that we have at Camcor. So thank you very much and see you again!


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