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New - Califone Audio Products

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InFocus Educational Learning
Presenting two new products for your educational needs

Califone PI30-IRSYS Infared Audio Enhancement Classroom System

The P130-IRSYS Infrared Classroom System delivers all of the benefits of sound field amplification (without any interference between classrooms) for greater coverage & reception with the added benefits of two non-powered “array” speakers.

  • Targets the sound pattern directly at the audience, not randomly bouncing the sound off walls like canned ceiling speakers
  • Evenly distributes volume so level is the same at front/rear
  • Twice the sensors in the receiver expands coverage area

The Califone Infrared Classroom System will:

  • Improve academic achievement
  • Increase on-task behavior
  • Increase attention to verbal instruction
  • Improve comprehension for English Language Learners
  • Improve ease of listening and teaching
  • Reduce vocal strain and fatigue on teachers

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