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Camcor offers digital video products that fit your needs and your budget. Whether you are filming your child's Christmas play or recording an important meeting, we are the number one source for digital video and imaging equipment.

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Cameras in different sizes and weights

Digital video cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Master, Samsung, Canon, Sharp and JVC range in size from lightweight, easy to carry compact designs to full size units. We stock cameras in many different sizes and styles for different shooting applications -- many are video and still cameras all in one. To support your digital video production efforts we also carry a wide range of top brand batteries, laser disk players, DVD players, cameras, recorders, monitors, plus editing and mixing equipment.

A complete selection of cameras

The experienced staff members in our digital video imaging department can help you select the best cameras to suit your specific feature requirements. Our selection includes such features as DV format, LCD monitors and screens, image stabilization, and IEEE-1394 interfaces for lightning fast downloads.

The Sony DCR-TRV280 Digital8® camcorder gives you the best digital features at the price of an analog. Just some of its numerous features include a huge 2.5" SwivelScreen™ LCD display, a monstrous 20X optical zoom, NightShot® Plus infrared recording, and USB streaming. It also includes touch screen operation through the LCD display. It's the digital camcorder that anyone can afford!

Camcor's specialists can help you make the right selection to match your requirements. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and superior customer service. All of our cameras are covered by manufacturer's warranties.

The assurance of satisfaction

Our experience with traditional photography and imaging has uniquely positioned us to offer tomorrow's imaging technologies. Having the best products is only part of it.

Camcor offers great prices for a wide selection of telescopes, binoculars, audio visual equipment, overhead projectors, cameras and photographic equipment from leading brands like Sony, Dukane, Sharp, Canon, Olympus, Peerless, Samson, Nikon,Celestron, and Hitachi.

Camcor, Inc., founded in 1949, is committed to offering the greatest selection of quality products and services covering all aspects of imaging. We make them available at competitive prices while maintaining a reputation for absolute trustworthiness in a professional atmosphere.

We do not just sell a product in a "box". The people of Camcor, Inc. "live and breathe" imaging every day. Our desire is for our customers to create better images whether recorded on media or projected for a mass audience. Our associates are glad to assist and educate customers in using the products purchased. We make customer satisfaction our top priority so that shopping with us is a positive experience and builds a lasting relationship.

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