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Educational Software

You can't manufacture help, but you can get help with our educational software.

Take your lesson plan to the next level by supplementing your everyday academic needs with educational software, Camcor, Inc. strives to assist you in your own pursuit of excellence in the classroom and offers educational software at 15% - 25% off list price. Whether it's a 'how to' tutorial software on Nikon Cameras or a language lesson for ESL students, we are prepared to help you identify and prioritize your your classroom software needs to enhance any program, lesson, or classroom guide.

Our team knows there is no greater victory in education than the moment you realize the tool you've chosen is exactly what was needed to reach your students, staff or classroom. It's important that all learning types, whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic can grasp all necessary concepts. Camcor fully understands the needs of today's educational environments and backs our personalized service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee to help you and your students be prepared.


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