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Quizdom products, aka Qwizdom, are designed by educators to engage and actively involve every participant and student. With real-time assessment, dynamic presentation options, fun learning games and easy authoring tools, Quizdom makes every class setting more enjoyable and more effective.

  • Qwizdom involves every student
  • Provide instant feedback & grading
  • Engage and motivate all students
  • Qwizdom tracks performance & print reports
  • Increase learning and productivity
  • Prepare students for standardized tests
  • Teach more effectively in less time

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The Quizdom Interactive Learning System uses two-way infrared communications to provide instant assessment and feedback to every participant in a classroom setting. With Quizdom, class and individual response data can be printed out in reports or exported for use in other programs. With today's focus on accountability and assessment, the Quizdom system is becoming a must-have in schools and corporations around the world.

Involve, inspire and interact with your students!

Imagine always knowing whether students understand what you are teaching. Imagine being able to provide immediate feedback to every student based on their answers. With our instant grading and reporting, you and your students have the immediate information necessary to adapt and maximize learning both inside and outside the classroom. You can change the direction of an activity or lesson to avoid confusion, pose new questions and address the needs of each student and the whole group. Students discover and correct their errors, learn from their peers, or discretely request help when needed.

Because students enjoy using technology they are motivated, better behaved and excited about coming to class. This helps provide the perfect learning environment. No students are left behind. Students can signal that they need help without disrupting the class or drawing attention to themselves.

Classroom options and packages

You can present lessons, step through problems, randomly call on students, present paperless tests, run auto-pilot presentations, print worksheets or tests and study guides, and access learning games. In addition, you can choose from a variety of ready-to-use K-12 curriculum packages that address both national and selected state standards. Packages include pre-made lessons, quizzes, review activities, learning games, detailed photographs, illustrations, animations and hundreds of question and answer sets. Our learning games include Fast Track, Quandary, Millionaire, Baseball, Bingo, Memory Match, Conquest, Knowledge Bowl and Challenger.

K-12 courses available

We offer extensive course selections from Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Health. Our primary language arts series CD include:

  • Language skills and phonics I and II
  • Grammar and writing I and II
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension I and II

Our biology units cover subjects from:

  • Introduction to biology
  • Cell structure and function
  • Chemistry of life
  • Heredity and genetics
  • Diversity and evolution
  • Bacteria, viruses, protests, fungi
  • Plants
  • Invertebrates
  • Vertebrates
  • Human biology
  • Ecology

Social studies include:

  • Social studies skills
  • American spirit, history and culture
  • Communities and Government
  • U.S. Geography
  • Ancient civilizations
  • U.S. history
  • Canada
  • World geography
  • Mexico and Latin America

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