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If you're looking for a visual presenter, Camcor offers you a complete range of products. At this one-stop shop, you'll find everything from the most elaborate and fully featured visual presenter to far simpler and less expensive visual presenter models. Best of all, you can be assured that every item available at Camcor is a quality, top name brand machine.

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The Dukane Visual Presenter is another top end choice that also features easy set up and use. Just plug in the transformer, insert the two cable connectors, and push the power switch. The camera does all the rest. It automatically operates whether viewing in bright sunlight or low light levels down to 1.5 Lux. It can focus on objects with 50 times magnification or look out to infinity. It will image the moon or the inside of your hand. With its long flexible 20" neck and rugged sturdy base the camera can be easily positioned to view a variety of objects. For rapid image positioning, the head can be rotated 180 degrees on the neck.

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