From binoculars and telescopes to LCD projectors and digital video cameras, Camcor has it in stock today

Photographic equipment and overhead projectors at great prices!

Camcor carries name brand audio visual equipment and plasma displays -- everything you need for clear, crisp presentations. Business people, educators and public presentation designers come to us for the best projectors and plasma displays makes and models. We stock full lines of audio visual equipment for every need and budget.

Camcor offers overhead projectors from the traditional model to advanced multimedia models to meet your presentations needs. We have the right multimedia and overhead projectors to meet your communications and cost parameters. Plus competitive pricing.

For sales, business, and training presentations and meetings we have an enormous selection of audio visual equipment including overhead projectors and a variety of LCD projectors. Our projectors can connect directly to your PC or Mac, produce bright and clear images, and can operate easily on table-top or rear projection set ups.

Camcor has everything you need in imaging equipment. We offer you the latest high technology combined with the greatest old fashioned personal service -- plus the most competitive pricing you'll find anywhere.

You'll find great prices on all our products! In addition to our every day competitive stance, we also offer specials on the latest and hottest digital imaging photographic equipment including the Olympus digital camera, Sony digital camcorders, and Canon camcorders. We help our customers save on what they really need!

Quality name brand telescopes and binoculars

Camcor carries a full range of Nikon binoculars, Pentax binoculars, and Celestron binoculars. The experts at Camcor will help you choose the Meade telescopes, or Celestron telescopes that best fit your needs and budget.

Great prices and brand names make for a positive shopping experience

Camcor offers great prices for a wide selection of presentation products, telescopes and binoculars, digital video, audio visual equipment, cameras and photographic equipment from industry leading brands. Camcor also offers comprehensive repair services for the products that we sell. We match our customers' needs with the products we offer in such a way that the assurance of satisfaction is inherent with every purchase.

Backed by 49 years of service and support! Our experienced staff is trained to help you meet your equipment needs while keeping a close eye on your budget. Every purchase at Camcor is an informed event -- we make sure our customers understand the difference in features and benefits as well as price.

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